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Please let us know how we can assist. For example: I have 10 tons of cardboard I need help recycling or I am interested in starting an office recycling program!

Ashley Swilley

Sales Manager – Atlanta, GA
Email: aswilley@recyclingmr.com
Phone No: (404) 488-5356

Justin Eades

Sales Manager – Atlanta, GA
Email: jeades@recyclingmr.com
Phone No: (678) 323-5777

Paige Denton

Sales Manager – High Point, NC
Email: pdenton@recyclingmr.com
Phone No: (470) 385-5866

Dane Geraci

Sales Manager – Philadelphia, PA
Email: dgeraci@recyclingmr.com
Phone No: (504) 858-1770

Matt Winkler

Sales Manager – Louisville, KY
Email: mwinkler@recyclingmr.com
Phone No: (502) 657-1090

Ricky Young

Sales Manager – Barton, AL
Email: ryoung@recyclingmr.com
Phone No: (803) 917-6729

Jeffrey Pitkow

Sales Manager – Wilmington, DE
Email: jpitkow@recyclingmr.com
Phone No: (215) 817-0820

Jeffrey Pitkow

Sales Manager – Camden, NJ
Email: jpitkow@recyclingmr.com
Phone No: (215) 817-0820

Jonathan Chase

Sales Manager – Richmond, VA
Email: jchase@recyclingmr.com
Phone No: (215) 518-8371

Fully equipped to handle your Recycle needsCONTACT PLANT LOCATIONS

Atlanta, GA

RMR – Atlanta, GA
Location: 3312 North Berkeley Lake Rd N.W,
Suite E,
Duluth, GA 30096
Phone: (678) 822-9990
Plant Manager: Nick Beegle
Email: nbeegle@recyclingmr.com

High Point, NC

RMR – High Point, NC
Location: 2325 E. Martin Luther King Jr Dr.
Suite 121,
High Point, NC 27260
Phone: (336) 884-7283
Plant Manager: Ryan Livers
Email: rlivers@recyclingmr.com

Louisville, KY

RMR – Louisville, KY
Location: 541 Industry Road Ste. 480
Louisville, KY  40208
Phone: (502) 657-1090
Plant Manager: Dennis Hawkins
Email: dhawkins@recyclingmr.com

Philadelphia, PA

RMR – Philadelphia, PA
Location: 7400 State Road
Philadelphia, PA 19136
Phone: (215) 332-1230
Plant Manager: Pete Fabry
Email: pfabry@recyclingmr.com

Raleigh, NC

RMR – Raleigh, NC
Location: 1505 S. Blount St.
Raleigh, NC 27603
Phone: (919) 792-3999
Plant Manager: Ken Hartman
Email: khartman@recyclingmr.com

Barton, AL

RMR – Barton, AL
Location: 510 Mulberry Lane
Barton, AL 35616
Phone: (256) 403-4950
Plant Manager: Eric Dodd
Email: edodd@recyclingmr.com

Camden, NJ

RMR – Camden, NJ
Location: 1531 Ferry Ave.
Camden, NJ 08104
Phone: (856) 966-1903
Plant Manager:  Juan Salinas-Garcia
Email: jsgarcia@recyclingmr.com

Wilmington, DE

RMR – Wilmington, DE
Location: 1000 S Heald Street
Wilmington, DE 19801
Phone:  (302) 325-9998
Plant Manager: Justin Blevin
Email: jblevin@recyclingmr.com

Richmond, VA

RMR – Richmond, VA
Location: 4259 Carolina Avenue
Richmond, VA 23222
(804) 359-1080
Plant Manager: Jeff Randazzo
Email: jrandazzo@recyclingmr.com

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Contact our Front Office. Please feel free to shoot us a message via the form below. For questions, clarification or to get more information about our services or process, please give us a call or send us an email we will be very happy to help.

4550 River Green Parkway Suite 200, Duluth, GA 30096
(404) 476-3109