recycALL, is a comprehensive office recycling program led by LEED accredited managers.

With over 30 years of experience, RMR is one of the leading paper recycling companies in the Southeast. We work with you to provide specialized programs specific to your office needs. From providing containers of various sizes, and scheduling pickup days and training tools to make your office recycling programs successful.

Do you know how much landfill diversion could save your business? Did you know that almost 90% of office waste is recyclable? Save money and divert waste from landfills with RMR’s recycALL program, which can help your company not only increase your bottom line, but do so in an environmentally-friendly manner.


What is recycALL? recycALL is a comprehensive office recycling program promoting single stream commingled recycling in office buildings. By single stream we mean all your recyclables go into one bin.  There is no sorting with our system which helps with employee engagement!

What can you recycle? RMR’s recycALL program allows you to recycle more than ever before! Download a full list of items for your office today.

Reporting? RMR believes that if you’re going to do something you should have something to show for it. Monthly reports detailing your landfill diversion are available online via our web portal for easy 24-7 access. This report is a great tool to show your investors and customers how your company practices sustainability.

What’s the first step? Let RMR’s LEED accredited managers come to your office and conduct a waste audit. This formal, structured process is used to quantify the amount and types of waste being generated by an organization, and is the first step in setting up an office recycling program. For more information or to set-up your waste audit, please contact us today!




Take it one step further. Since one good thing leads to another, be a part of the Tork closed loop program. RMR’s single stream recycling is sorted locally and sent to SCA where it is processed and made into Tork paper products. Tork paper products can be purchased and used in your facility, closing the loop. Through RMR’s recycALL  program and SCA’s Tork paper products, you are able to use paper made from your paper! Download the brochure for more information.